As we live more years than ever before, work longer hours, in less active environments, an exercise program that keeps us independent and able to do all the things we want to is more important than ever.

Cut through the fitness fads and get serious about your long term health, fitness and wellness with White Dog Pilates Geelong.

Pilates was developed over 100 years ago by a German man  – Joseph Pilates – who believed that regular vigorous exercise was the elixir of life. 100 years later science is proving him right. Learn more about Joseph Pilates.

White Dog offers two styles of Reformer Pilates classes, depending on your goal. Cardio Pilates: Heart beat your way through a combination of high intensity exercises on the reformer bed that targets the very best parts of you. Core Pilates: Push and pull against the resistance of the springs, build on your strength and power through a series of exercises.

White Dog Pilates Geelong are the best in the business when it comes to the original Reformer Pilates repertoire. Taught with a level of intensity that cranks up the heat.

White Dog also offers Clinical Pilates, classes are held in smaller groups and they put you in front of an expert trainer, for a personalised program using specialised Clinical Pilates apparatus that supports your unique needs.

Heath Lander has been a Pilates and fitness instructor for the last 20 years. He remains hands on, teaching daily classes as a group and clinical instructor. As a teacher trainer he has taught over 1000 certificate 4 Pilates professionals, nationwide. Heath and his family live in Geelong.

Before teaching at White Dog Pilates our trainers must complete 12 months of a nationally accredited course as well as ongoing White Dog Pilates training and development.

White Dog Pilates Geelong Opening Special
To celebrate the opening of our Geelong studio, White Dog are inviting you to
come and check out the new space.

Intro Offer – 4 classes for $45
to be used within 21 days of your first class.

4 classes for $45 INTRO OFFER

White Dog Pilates Geelong will be open 7 days a week. See our timetable page for our hours.