White Dog Nutrition Pack


“My confidence has gone from low to high.
I have a ton more energy and overall I am so much happier
with the way I look and more importantly the way I feel” – Lucy

White Dog Nutrition Pack

How about a food plan that is flexible, effective and focused on how you feel inside as much as how you look on the outside.

The White Dog Nutrition Pack is about you, what you like to eat and how you want to feel.

Want to lose a jeans size? No problem.
Want to sleep better? No problem.
Want more energy day to day? No problem.

The White Dog Nutrition Pack is tailored especially for you, to meet your goals and yours alone. Itʼs not a one size fits all or a simple calorie reduction approach. It is based on your energy output, the balance of micro and macro nutrients you need, your age, height and other variables unique to you.

Losing fat is a byproduct of a well balanced, personalised nutrition plan along with deeper sleep, increased energy levels and an improved mental state

What is the Nutrition Pack?

The White Dog Nutrition Pack is a 10 week turnaround for your metabolism which can be started at any time. It costs $260 and it includes:

  • Your personalised meal plan – based on your food preferences
  • A donʼt break the chain habit builder
  • 10 week calendar for you to follow
  • Support from our team throughout the 10-weeks
  • Access to our private Facebook group for meal ideas, recipes and group support from other pack members.

Since its introduction 18 months ago 100+ people have used the White Dog Nutrition Pack and every single person who sticks with it has lost fat, slept better, enjoyed more energy and dropped as many as 3 jeans sizes.

Spoiler alert: thereʼs no crazy, high-intensity training required and you donʼt have to starve yourself, in fact most people are surprised by the amount of food they need required to enjoy a healthy, happy body.


The White Dog Nutrition Pack is tailored to your goals, based on your diet and works around your likes/dislikes.

  • When you sign up, weʼll ask you to record a food diary for a week and then send it in.
  • Your food diary, goals, current weight and measurements will be turned into a 100% personalised plan.
  • The only thing you need to succeed is a willingness to try and a 2 month block of focus.

To get started purchase the package now and we’ll be in touch with the first steps.
If you have any questions about the  White Dog Nutrition Pack please email info@whitedogstudio.com.au