White Dog Pilates Geelong – Reformer Pilates


Spring loaded and right on track, this session will get your heart racing and have you glowing with a youthful layer of sweat in no time.

Heart beat your way through a combination of high intensity exercises on the reformer bed that targets the very best parts of you. Ain’t that cardio just so sweet for your heart!

(high tempo / simple moves / beginners welcome)


You will love this one. It is Pilates with a capital P!

Push and pull against the resistance of the springs, build on your strength and power through a series of AB-solutely fantastic exercises. We are the best in the business when it comes to the original Pilates reformer repertoire taught with a level of detail and precision that will develop and improve your technique.

(moderate tempo / detail and technique / beginners welcome)

Easy Does It

Sometimes you want to take the slow road.

Enjoy the view. Pick up some little details. Spend some extra time in the stretches and focus on the essence of Pilates – smooth, controlled and effective movement.

(slow & steady pace / emphasis on support / beginners welcome)

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